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About www Redirect Checker

Redirecting goes hand in hand when there is a migration with the URL of a website, where at the beginning, it is important that every user who goes to the previous address, is immediately addressed to the new URL, with the purpose of not lose potential users. Similarly, there are many URLs that can be confused, either by spelling or because they are very prone to error, such as www.gogle.com which upon entering, is redirected to the real page www.google.com. For these two cases and many more, the redirect is a vital tool, as long as it can be used properly and does not represent an obstacle at the moment of being found in search engines, which is the main purpose of any page to be known.


What is www Redirect Checker?

With this checker you can see the quality of the redirection that has been implemented on your website. Can you imagine having a redirect that the search engines can not distinguish or recognize? You would become totally invisible, something that is too serious in the world of positioning and the internet. That is why in OnlineSeoTools.org we want you to be calm when you should do a procedure of these, since our tool will allow you to receive a part of tranquility informing you if your address is in optimal conditions for it to be detected by the search engines. You just have to have the URL of your website and click on "Sumbit" to start.



  • Identify if your redirecting method is appropriate.
  • Our tool is very precise and accurate.
  • You only need the URL of the web, we will do the rest.
  • It's free.