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About Word Counter

In many occasions we must present documents, articles, fragments and texts with a limited number of characters and words, this due to established policies so that the information that is going to upload is not so heavy, or simply with the desire that it be precise and concise with what is being transmitted through what we send. Although you can count word by word, it is quite cumbersome and not practical at all, so there are counters like this, where you only need to copy and paste your fragment and it will give you the total of words and characters immediately, making you work a lot easier.


What is Word Counter?

With this counter all you need is to have your fragment ready and copy it in the white box, proceed to click on the "Count Words" button and get the result instantly. Our tool will provide you with the counter of both words and characters, just like that, without any problem or requirement.




  • He tells you the words.
  • It tells you the characters.
  • It's very easy and fast.
  • It's free.