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About Website Link Checker

Just as backlinks play an important role in the positioning of a website, so the number of links that we use to direct from our website to others is also fundamental. Search engines are very interested in finding websites that are generous with sharing information from other pages, because their algorithms when they are on our website, are directed to these websites, acting as backlinks for those websites and likewise benefiting our website. . The main ideal of a web, seen from the world of search engine algorithms, is not only to have many backlinks, but also share and reference other websites, in other words, that is a web integrates in every sense of the word .


What is Website Link Checker?

With Website Link Checker you will be able to identify the total number of links used on your Website, classified by internal and external links. An internal link is one that is referenced on your website and that redirects to your own website, but to a different tab from the one you are in; while an external link is the one you use to redirect to a different website. With our analyzer, we can also give you information about whether each link, whether internal or external, is considered "Dofollow" or "Nofollow".
+ Dofollow: Links that are recognized by the search engines so they can go to that web page, with the intention of being considered a backlink for it.
+ Nofollow: Links that prevent search engines from taking them into account.




  • You will recognize the total of the links that you have used on your website.
  • Our tool will provide you with detailed information on each of these links.
  • Each link shows its classification (dofollow - nofollow).
  • It's free.