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URL Rewriting Tool

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About URL Rewriting Tool

There are two types of URLs, static and dynamic. The static are characterized by having a composition that never changes and that are generally webs that are not usually modified, that is, that the information they put in a directory on the web is not customary to change (example: OnlineSeoTools.org/news/not01 ). On the other hand, dynamic URLs are those that are generated automatically from a database, where the information that you want to display is stored, and which always has characters such as (?=&) In its composition. These URLs are easy to identify due to the fact that the user can not understand them, as it does with static ones.

If we speak from the world of SEO and search engines, dynamic URLs are more productive since the updating of a web page is not as cumbersome and tedious as it is with webs that have static URLs; However, for search engines your preference is static URLs, so you had to devise a method in order to camouflage a dynamic URL in a static, and thus have the privileges that both provide. That is why at OnlineSeoTools.org we offer you the perfect tool for this purpose.


What is URL Rewriting Tool?

With this great tool you just have to enter the dynamic URL that your website has and we will do the rest. Our job is to identify the parameters that can be static and generate a .htaccess file, which must be saved and located in the root where the web is hosted, so that each time a new dynamic URL is generated , contain those features and can be taken as a static URL for the search engines. As we know, when we do something that is consistent with the preferences of the search engines, that is transformed into organic positioning of our website, resulting in a very beneficial and great incentive in the SEO of our page.



  • We generate the code that you must copy in the root of your website.
  • Increase your search engine rankings easily.
  • Your website will be at the forefront of SEO.
  • It's free.