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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism of documents and specific fragments of information can lead to violations of the law, involving sanctions, fines, and in many cases, loss of liberty. Internet today is considered a great tool for any work that we carry out, because through this connection we can find all the information we require, but this information although it is available to us, is not always free for us to include in our works, unless we make reference of the author of such information, or simply, by copyright, we can not use it.
The desire for anyone who is accustomed to using information found on the Internet and wants to be covered with all copyright regulations, will always be able to identify which fragments of information may represent a plagiarism and what others do not represent it. For all this, thanks to the Internet, we can use free online tools, which make our lives easier, considerably improving our search time, and with a high percentage of assertiveness of non-plagiarism.


What is Plagiarism Checker?

With the Plagiarism Checker you can find all kinds of plagiarism of the fragments that are using in your writing. You can even know what percentage of plagiarism you have, since Plagiarism Checker analyzes the document in segments, so the analysis it does is much deeper and more likely to lead to a reliable result for the one that uses the tool. At the end of your plagiarism verification process, depending on the percentage of plagiarism obtained, it will be up to you whether or not to use it.




  • Your writings will always conform to the regulations of the law.
  • You will know when to use copyright references.
  • You will not run the risk of receiving sanctions.
  • You can share your files without fear that they can be identified with plagiarism.
  • It's free, without any limit.