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About Domain Age Checker

The ranking of a website in the search engines is related to many factors, among which one of them is the time in which the web is online. This time can be taken directly proportional to the positioning of the page, but if we analyze carefully, it is not, because although it has a good time in the network, new criteria come to light, where the page had to have had a good management during that time so that it has grown gradually. Time influences but is not a vital factor for positioning, therefore, it is very important from the beginning of the creation of our website to manage policies focused on SEO in order to promote it continuously, so that in the future the time will be a strong factor in the positioning, and do not act with a limiting element.


What is Domain Age Checker?

Do you need to know the age of a website? Do you want to know if the time of a web in having been created is related to the positioning in the search engines? Do you have to perform SEO tasks? Are you interested in the web topic and be curious about it? At we have thought of you, so we have put at your service the Domain Age Checker. With it you can identify the time since each of the websites you work with, the websites you analyze, or simply websites that make you curious to investigate. Our tool is free, so all you need is the URL of the web page you want to know your time online and its creation date. Start now!



  • All the information you receive is accurate.
  • You only need the URL of the web to start with your SEO work.
  • It's easy to use, try it.
  • It's free.