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About Google Malware Scanner

Our current world is governed through networks and the internet, a large part of our lives, our information and our security is hosted on the internet; even, our daily tasks can be done through this medium, so although it has been too beneficial for everyone, we must not forget that we will always need a vital aspect so that everything flows correctly: SECURITY.

We must be careful with what we do every day in our real lives, since insecurity will always be a constant factor, so we must be cautious. But if now we talk about an invisible medium (internet), where we do not have the capacity to see it, but we are exposed to the fact that from any part of the world we can be affected, we must be much more careful with what we do, with what we send and from and to where we send it.

A notorious example of the personal information that we deliver over the internet is when we make purchases, where we must provide information about our cards to cancel the amount and request our product, so we must always verify that the page we use for this is secure (https) and does not have any malware or script that could violate our connection and extract our data, but how do we manage to identify which page is correctly and which is not? At we help you!


What is Google Malware Scanner?

With this Scanner designed by Google,you'll be able to observe any type of faults and insecurities that a web page has just by entering the URL of said page, warning you long before you put your personal information, your bank accounts and even your computer at risk. which is entering the network. Many pages not only steal your information that you enter in the network, but it also has malwares that infect your computer, with the purpose of having the power of the information in it and being able to steal it, or simply to make you lose the information that is found lodged there. For this and many other things, we want you to be careful with the web pages you enter, with the sole purpose that your browsing is always safe and there is no risk of future laments.



  • Each time you enter a web page, you can first investigate if it is considered safe or not.
  • You can consult all the websites you want, without any type of limit.
  • We know that many people still fear buying online. But with this tool you will go very safe and calm at the time of making your purchases.
  • It's free.