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About Free Backlink Checker

Search engines associate a website with numerous backlinks as a very reliable destination, therefore, its hierarchical positioning will always be very prominent; so the number of backlinks will always be directly proportional to the position you have in a search engine, no matter what it is. In many occasions, there are websites that are highly referenced, the problem is that they are from link farms, which are only responsible for cheating the search engines, however, because they have optimized search engine algorithms, they can already identify which backlinks are real and which are not, proceeding to limit them and penalize the web pages that hire those services.
That is why it is worthwhile to be constantly consulting through online tools the value of the web that is based on the total number of backlinks, and most importantly, through reliable and true tools, such as our Free Backlink Checker of


What is Free Backlink Checker?

Our Backlink Checker allows to see the total number of backlinks that your Site has. This info can give you a estimate about how search engines see your Site., and in the same way, explain the reason why you are well or poorly positioned.



  • You can study the behavior of your page all the time, without any limit.
  • You will know exactly the total number of backlinks you have.
  • Your research will only require a few seconds thanks to our powerful tool.
  • It's free.