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About Alexa Website Ranking

Alexa is a platform belonging to, which is responsible for analyzing and disseminating highly relevant statistical data on any web page. It focuses mainly on information about traffic data and classification globally. Alexa is known for being one of the most widely used platforms worldwide on the subject of web statistics, because each month it receives more than 6 million visits and the information it provides is too accurate. In the SEO world, this platform is very desirable and very useful, so for it is very important to have it in your SEO tools, in order to achieve in one place all you need for the implementation and strengthening of your web.


What is Alexa Website Ranking?

By means of this tool of great veracity and usefulness, you'll be able to find info of great importance regarding your Site. Here you can also see all the statistical data of other web pages, with the purpose of studying your competence or simply to study the behavior of well-known websites, serving you as a way of projecting where you want to go. With this tool you will be able to receive information such as: Ranking at the global level, ranking at the regional level, country where you are most popular, total backlinks and two graphs based on the time that your ranking and search engine traffic represent. It's time for you to start researching the statistical world of the internet.



  • You have no search limits.
  • You will have the certainty that all the information provided will be reliable.
  • You do not need to have previous knowledge to understand the statistics.
  • It's free and easy to use.